My birthday is in six (6) days!

Sidenote: the fact that I naturally wrote out the number, then put the numeral in parentheses tells me I have been working at a law office too long.

Anyway I will be 24! Or, twenty-four (24)! And I know to some of you out there, that sounds young and you probably will hate me in about 1 second but… I feel soooo oolllld. I wish I was still 18, with a perfect young body and nothing to do but play truth or dare in the park.

Wait… Should I have been playing T or D when I was 18? Or should I have already grown out of daring my friends to walk through the drive through of a fast food restaurant and order a can of corn? And then make them eat dirt if they chickened out?

Whoa, now that was a digression.

The whole point of this post is to record my birthday wishlist. I assume that in one year, I will want to look back at this and laugh at the silly, not at all valuable stuff I wanted for my birthday. Here goes:

1. a keyboard pedal. Yes, I have been playing songs, trying to hold the suspension for as long as possible and ignoring the huge gaps between notes. Some nicely flowing sound would be nice.
2. Season 1, volume 2 of glee. Because they marketed the first half of the season as a full season and I believed them even though it was released conveniently in time for Christmas.
3. A vintage looking gold watch from Fossil that someone with better taste than me picks out.
4. Business smarts so I can start the business that is brewing in my head and be my own boss, and have the option of staying in my jammies until noon.
5. An Anthropologie shopping spree because, who doesn’t?
6. A German shorthaired pointer puppy.
7. A green thumb.
8. A baby.
9. A brown leather bag that goes over the shoulder and has the perfect combination of structure, floppiness, zippers and buckles. More buckles than zippers, please. And I want it to make me look like I am in a Ralph Lauren magazine ad.
10. A Volvo SUV.
11. A bag of candy so sour that it makes my tongue bleed and it’s not approved by the FDA.

Now, that’s only ten things. That’s not too much to ask from life, is it?

Oh wait, one more thing:

12. To see my family! And I get that one! At least most of them. Erin and Jackson live a leetle too far away for a weekend trip.

Happy Birthday,
Kelsey May


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