Shredded- Day 2

Last night I was at a sewing class until 9, and then I needed to clean house, so I didn’t work out.

Instead, I woke up at 6 am to do it this morning. My muscles were tired and sore, but I pushed through. Oddly enough, I had more time than usual to get ready.

And victory of victories, I weighed in at 139. I know that 1 pound in 1 day is just water weight, but it is enough to keep me motivated.

Different note: I have discovered the secret to smooth hair in East Tex. Since I moved here, my normal stylings have ended up frizzy and wavy immediately after stepping outside. But here is what works: after I wash my hair, I put in serum (aveda) and mousse (garnier), and blow it dry with a ceramic round brush. Then, I give my whole head o’ hair a good spritz with a light hairspray (kenra), comb my fingers through it, and then style with a curling iron. It is magic. I know magic. Smooth hair all day, even with the humidity index through the roof.

I ate fat free cottage cheese and a pear for breakfast. I will spend the rest of my day dreaming of Noodle Kugel, German Spaetzel, and bittersweet brownies.

Goodbye Fat. Your enemy,


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  1. Katrina Cordova

    Thanks for the hair tip. We moved from MI to Houston area in April & I have curly hair. It’s seemed that there is no hope to straightening my hair. As soon as I sweat a drip, there is wave. I decided to just grow it out & wear it curly all the time, but I’ll try out your advice too!

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